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Stockholm Scrapbook


As we approach Labor Day we wanted to share some of the wonders of Stockholm from our summer visit. The palaces of King Gustav III at Haga and Drottningholm where we saw so many examples of Swedish designs and colors were an inspiration. Some wonderful new pieces acquired on this trip will be on our website soon!

THE COPPER TENTS at the entrance to Haga Park amazed us. Once home to the kings guards, these soaring masterpieces bring the glory of Swedish blue and gold to life. This blue has been the inspiration for countless pieces of Swedish painted furniture.

THE KINGS PAVILLION, where a sweeping dining table and thirty six Gustavian dining chair greeted guests who dined in private under the twinkling chandeliers as King Gustav did not want the servants to be present.

THE MIRROR ROOM, the most beautiful room in the pavilion with mirrors reflecting the surrounding landscape. In the late 18th century there were musical evenings where the guests arrived on the water in gilded gondolas inspired by King Gustav’s visit to Italy. On one side a magnificent Klismos settee and chairs.

DROTTNINGHOLM PALACE where the royal family lives in the summer. We arrived after a picturesque boat ride to see miles of magnificent gardens and stately rooms each with a ceramic stove for heating.

THE BLUE CHINA ROOM,on departing the palace we came upon this heartthrob room, painted blue with magnificent and inventive displays of platters, pitchers, plates and tureens. We wish we could recreate this at Dawn Hill Antiques!!!

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