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Story of The Lindome Chair Makers

lindome map swedish antiques

The Lindome Chair Makers began making beautiful furniture in the early 18th century. Located further south than their neighbors in Stockholm these men who were once farmers became talented woodworkers due to a need to find work as the soil in their region was unfit for farming. These master craftsmen went on to produce some of the most important Swedish furniture of the 18th and Early 19th century.

gunnebo house from north swedish antique furnitureThe Gunnebo House, pictured here in 1823, is a veritable treasure trove of Lindome furniture.

hop plant lindome furniture siqnature
The fruit and flowers of the hops plant was the Lindome signature as seen here in a beautifully detailed carving.

A Swedish Gustavian Period Settee from Lindome, Circa 1780This spectacular settee is a fine example of the work of the Lindome chairmakers with signature carvings on the crest and apron. Its simple elegance and proportion make it a statement piece. Circa 1790.

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