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A Late 18th Century Swedish Mora Clock in Original Green Paint

The body of this clock has been dry scraped to reveal the beautiful original grey/green paint, with details of black and oxblood red. The bonnet has had some paint restoration in the past, but the domed glass is original. There is a carved star in the middle of the lower half of the case and a carved repeating guiloche frieze circling the door. The sight for the pendulum and weights is surrounded by delicate carvings as well. The clock ends with a scalloped skirt at the bottom. The movement is signed by its maker, Krang Anders Anderson (1727-1799) and is in working order. The clock has a wire gong that chimes once on the half hour, and the number of hours on the hour.
ref. 7-8179

8.5” deep
26” wide
88.5” high

All of our clocks are serviced and we guarantee them to be in fine working condition when they leave our store, a responsibility that we take very seriously. However Swedish clocks with very simple mechanisms often require setup and calibration when they are moved. When you purchase a clock, we cannot guarantee it will not require a professional clock technician to come to your home to set it up and get it running reliably.
A Late 18th Century Swedish Mora Clock in Original Green Paint
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