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An Antique Swedish Tall Case Clock Circa 1810

This unusual Swedish tall case clock, with inspiration from the antique Empire Period, imitates a Doric style fluted column, composed of a half-cylindrical body placed on a square base. This type of clock was often painted white with gilt embellishments, as in this example with the vertical gilt carvings. The movement chimes the hour, and one single chime on the half hour. The painted surface is in good condition. The rounded Bonnet gives it a simple, elegant finish. A collector’s find.
ref. 7-7935

8’ tall
21.5” wide
11.5” deep

All of our clocks are serviced and we guarantee them to be in fine working condition when they leave our store, a responsibility that we take very seriously. However Swedish clocks with very simple mechanisms often require setup and calibration when they are moved. When you purchase a clock it is best to have a professional clock technician come to your home to set it up and get it running reliably.
An Antique Swedish Tall Case Clock Circa 1810
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